School Uniform
The appearance of Bishop Loughlin students rests on the philosophy that as members of a catholic school, student show respect for themselves and their work place by being appropriately dressed.  School attire should demonstrate that students have a sense of personal dignity, modesty and decorum. Students are expected to wear the uniformcorrectly and proudly.  Students should be in full uniform when they enter the school building in the morning and when they leave for the school day. This means proper shoes, shirt tucked and sweater etc. Students are to remain in uniform throughout the day. All uniforms must be purchased at Ideal Department store; 1816 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11210.
Fall/Winter Uniform
Students are required to wear a school sweater, fleece or blazer beginning November 1st. Students are also requiredto wear the button down oxford shirt underneath the school sweater, fleece, or blazer. The oxford shirt may be long sleeve or short sleeve. All shirts should be tucked at all times.
Spring/Summer Uniform
Students are allowed to wear the golf polo (short sleeve only) beginning April 15th. Students are expected to have shirts tucked into their uniform slacks or skirts. Students should always appear neat and professional. 
Uniform Requirements
  • Blue/White/Denim  oxford shirts (long/short sleeve, November-April)
  • Blue/White golf polo shirts (short sleeve only, April-November )
  • Navy and khaki uniform pants Dickies  Boy’s Flat Front / Girl’s Stretch Classic Fit (boys/girls)
  • Navy and  khaki skirts (girls-must be knee length ) 
  • Black shoes (no sneakers, boots, Pradas,)
  • Black or Brown Belts (must be modest) 
  • Solid Stockings/socks/knee-hi (Black, White, Navy)
  • Navy school sweater, blazer, vest, cardigan or fleece (November-April)
  • Ties are suggested but optional
Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School