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COVID-19 Update From Our President
Dear Parent or Guardian,
I continue to pray for your health and safety as the COVID -19 Pandemic wanes in our city and state while it upticks in other places in our country and world. New York City is reawakening with more opportunities for people to meet and gather. While we welcome human contact and a sense of community let’s encourage each other to be careful a prudent.
We continue to monitor NYC and NYS briefings on the progress of the various phases established by the Governor. There is still no statement on the status of school building openings in September. As I reported in the past we have two faculty committees one reviewing technology and the second possible schedules for the Fall. The tech committee is moving to make  recommendations on a few things no matter what the schedule looks like. They are going to recommend: a single platform for school use which will resolve the challenges of submitting work to teachers and teachers not receiving the work or having to translate it; a specific device that students will use to facilitate learning; and assigning students individual school emails. As I communicated previously the schedule committee continues to review a combination of in school and online learning models.
Finally, beginning Tuesday we will have student swap days. Tuesday will be for Juniors, Wednesday for Sophomores, Thursday for Freshmen. This will provide an opportunity for students to return books, instruments and the like as well as clean out their locker. All guidelines for safety will be in place. We did swap days for seniors the first week in June and it all worked quite well. The students acted responsibly and followed the directions. It was good to see them. There will be more specific information communicated by Mr. Montes.
Stay safe and be well.
Live Jesus in our hearts. Forever.
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