Financial News!
2020-2021 Incoming Freshmen
May 2020
Congratulations on being accepted to Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School!!  You have made a great investment in your child’s future. We’re excited about working with you and your family over the next four years.  Due to Covid-19 we have altered the schedule of payments to make it easier on our families.
Our Finance Associate is Ms. Fran Stackpole.  Ms. Stackpole is available to answer your questions.   She can be reached at or 718-857-2700 x 2205.
Below is some information about billing.
The cost to educate each student at Bishop Loughlin is $12,956.00.  However due to donations from alumni of Bishop Loughlin, Bishop McDonnell and St. Augustine high schools we are able to offer tuition at $10,550. The alums also fund our scholarship program and financial aid program. 

  • Tuition is paid monthly beginning in July and ending in May.  A non-refundable deposit of $550 is required upon registration.  This includes a one-time fee registration fee of $150 and a $400 tuition deposit.
  • Payments are due on the 1st of the month. There is one week grace period before a $35.00 late fee is applied.
Schedule of payments -Tuition is 10,550.00 ~ Registration Fee is 150.00
Payment Date Amount
Due at  Registration 550.00*
July 1st $922.00
August 1st $922.00
Sept 1st $922.00
Oct 1st $922.00
Nov 1st $922.00
Dec 1st $922.00
Jan 1st $922.00
Feb 1st $922.00
March 1st $922.00
April 1st $922.00
May 1st $930.00
*This includes $150 registration Fee and $400 tuition deposit
  • Scholarships and Financial aid will be applied July – May which is 11 months. Therefore if your scholarship is $2000, it will be divided by 11 and $182.00 will be deducted from each month’s tuition.

Update on Applying for Financial Aid

In light of the recent crisis we are extending the deadline to apply for financial aid to May 1st. We will revisit this deadline if necessary.  In the meantime if you have do not have your 2019 income tax return, you can submit your  2018 income tax return. If your household income has changed dramatically from 2018 to 2019 please attach a note explaining the change. If you have any questions contact Mrs. Donna Harris at or 718-857-2700 x 2203.

These programs are sponsored by donations made by alumni of Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, St Augustine and Bishop McDonnell. 100% of the donations are used for these programs.

Financial Aid

This is a need based program available to registered students whose families are in need of some financial assistance. Applications are available upon registration. Awards are based on income and expenses AND are contingent on the application and all supporting documents being submitted by  April 15th 

Please keep in mind that this program is fully funded by alumni donations. Therefore, there are limited funds to be distributed. Applications and supporting documents MUST be submitted on time. Those applications that are incomplete WILL NOT be considered for financial aid.


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